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Love Where You LiveSat, 20th January 2018

Love Where You Live

Colnbrook with Poyle Parish  Council are proud to announce that they have joined the Love Where You Live Campaign very recently established by Keep Britain Tidy.

The aims of the campaign are to help you and others make the place where you live and perhaps work somewhere that you love.

There are no real boundaries to the campaign. People can come up with their own ideas. Schools, Youth Groups, Resident Groups, Neighbours, Employers, Employees, Shopkeepers, Publicans and just plain you can all do their bit, as little or as much as they wish.

If you want to get involved start talking to others about it, spread the word.

There isn’t a start or stop date for Love Where You Live, it’s a philosophy you can take with you wherever you live, or indeed just visit (other people no doubt will live there, so you can help them by respecting their community).