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Increased Doctors SurgeriesFri, 19th January 2018

Increased Doctors Surgeries

Doctor’s Surgery Facilities

One of the manifesto pledges made by candidates seeking re-election to the Parish Council was to investigate the service delivery of both surgeries in Colnbrook, and seek improvements to the service. Cllr. Mike Nye will be leading on this aspect of the Parish Plan, and in order to canvass the opinions of residents, a survey of satisfaction levels will be distributed to all households within the parish. The results of the survey will then be used to open discussions with the respective Practice Managers.

This exercise will not be used as an ‘open forum’ for subjective complaints, although there will be an opportunity to write other suggestions that you feel appropriate for the community on the rear of the questionnaire. The main thrust will be to evaluate the basics; Number of days open, opening times, the appointment system, ability to reach the main health centres of both services.  

We are very aware that both surgeries operating in Colnbrook have become a vital service to many in our community, age and reduced mobility means that many have difficulty in getting to either Common Road or Trelawney Avenue. No direct public transport link exists from Colnbrook to either of the main surgeries, so expensive taxi journeys are quite often resorted to.

Please cooperate with this survey when it drops through your letterbox, as it will assist us in negotiating with our doctors in order to ensure that the residents of Colnbrook and Poyle obtain the best service that is possible to deliver.