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Outside BodiesFri, 19th January 2018

Outside Bodies

Councillors are appointed representatives to the following Outside Bodies


       Table of Outside Bodies


Outside Body Represented By
The Colnbrook Village Hall Trust Cllr Jones
Colnbrook Community Partnership Cllr Angell
Berks Association Local Councillors Cllr Hood
H.A.C.A.N. Cllr Jones
L.A.A.N.C. Cllr Jones
Local Focus Forum Cllr Hood
Grundon Environmental Group

Cllrs Hood, MacDougald and Mrs Underhill

Biffa Environmental Group Cllr Burke
S.A.L.C. Cllrs Angell and Hood 
Richard Goade Trust Mrs Underhill
SBC Standards Committee Cllr Burke

Summary of Reports when made can be found in the Parish Council Meeting Minutes

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