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   Parish Council working with the community    March 10, 2012


The parish council now has two new items in the Photo Gallery section.
These are as follows -:
The 2011 CREW week under the Parish Council Chairman, Cllr Peter Hood who designated in the Parish Plan the 'LOVE WHERE YOU LIVE'
initiative.  This was fully supported by all of the parish council and many of the local community organisations in and around the parish.
Recently another initiative in the current 2011 Parish Plan to improve the sports facilities in the parish has been able to deliver a new sports club for the community.  Parish Councillors Mrs Neelam Verma and Mr Leslie Jarrett along with the joint support of the Parish Council and the Colnbrook Residents Association have created the Colnbrook Badminton Club

For further details you can contact the Colnbrook Residents Association the two Parish Councillors or 

visit the Colnbrook Badminton Club website as 


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